Sewer Line Services in Concord, CA

Your sewer line is probably something you’d just like to ignore. But like the stuff that goes down your drains and toilets, your home’s sewer line is an essential part of your home’s waste removal system. And just like your own digestive system, if it gets backed up or breaks, you can wind up with a stinky problem, literally. That’s why you should pay attention to it so a tiny problem doesn’t turn into an urgent emergency.

Why We’re Different

At Reddi Rooter, we can root out any sewer line issue. We have experience in every aspect of sewer lines from sewer line installation to sewer line clearing and cleaning, and sewer line repair. We’ve been clearing out Concord, CA sewer lines for over 40 years. You may recognize us from our angel rooter logo. We don’t want to say we perform sewer miracles, but we can save you when you’re in a mess.

  • We truly care about maintaining your sewer line: And it shows. Year after year we get top scores in customer satisfaction on sites like Angie’s list.
  • We offer sewer line maintenance programs: That way, you know we’ll catch minor problems and prevent large ones.
  • We won’t sell you unnecessary sewer repairs: We’re a family business, not a huge chain. None of our employees will ever try to sell you services you don’t want or need.
  • We won’t leave until we’re sure your sewer line is clear: We use special cameras to determine if your sewer line is clear and leak-free. We’ll never just flush it and go.
  • We’re fast and available 24-hours a day: You can reach us any time of the day or night and we’ll be there to fix any sewer repair emergency immediately.

Rely On Us!

From clearing and cleaning roots and debris from your sewer line to repairing or installing a new sewer line, Reddi Rooter is the plumber to call. Don’t waste your time with the national chain. Rely on us to clean your pipes instead.

Contact us today to schedule a sewer line cleaning service, plumbing repair work, drain cleaning, water heater repair, and more.